Customer Experience

Armada Property Group
(Alexander Residences)

An innovative development company with extensive experience in the Lower North Shore residential property market.

Ben Dunnet, Director, Armada Property Group

What They Said

Warwick Kells and the Dovetail team helped formulate and exercise a digital marketing strategy for the project. This enabled us to customise our marketing communications to various target markets and build interest and involvement with our project through engaging with prospective buyers on numerous occasions. We are planning future projects on the Lower North Shore and as a result of Dovetail’s leadership on digital marketing we now have a valuable Partner in Dovetail plus a database of qualified prospective buyers that we can utilise as part of the marketing campaign for our next project.


Armada Property Group is embarking on a new boutique property consisting of 9 residential apartments and 2 retail outlets. ‘Alexander Residences’ will be APG’s second boutique development in 3 years.


👉 The need to rely on a database that they don’t own or control to promote their property.

👉 No ownership of their own database of potential buyers/investors.

👉 The perception that it is difficult and costly to create and deliver a high-performing marketing campaign.


Dovetail developed a property specific website, which leant itself to high-engagement and the ability for interested investors or owner occupiers to enquire and request further information about the development Additionally, this meant that Armada Property Group could begin collecting information on interested parties, while building their own database of contacts for future projects

Key Insights

👉 Accessing and using third party data to communicate and promote property developments can be expensive and doesn’t necessarily provide the Return On Investment as initially anticipated (only one property sold could be attributed to the purchased third party data).

👉 Although a well rounded and multi-channel campaign is as important as ever, creating and developing a database of potential buyers ensures a stronger position for future property developments and corresponding communication and property promotion.

Our Recommendations

Our recommendations are relevant to small to mid-tier property development organisations with boutique to mid-size development projects:

  • Develop an engaging website and not just a “cookie cutter” style website
  • Ensure the website is enabled to collect important information from prospects as they explore the site, with information automatically feeding through to the database (CRM) platform to support sales people facilitating the end to end sales cycle.
  • Be prepared to adjust your approach to improve the levels of engagement and results. Digital campaigns can not be a ‘set and forget’ approach. Converting prospects into Buyers is very achievable through digital marketing automation, if setup and managed accordingly.

The Result

What was the Impact of the Digital Maturity Assessment for PHaT Sourcing?

👉 With the use of the latest virtual reality and drone technology we created a unique ‘off-the-plan’ audio-visual experience for prospective purchasers highlighting the benefits of the location of the project – check out the video here.

👉 Armada Property Group created and continues to develop their own database to more than 450 prospects, which can be used for future property development projects.

👉 Armada Property Group’s selling agent sold 7 of 9 apartments within 3 months of initial launch and is now in a position to proceed to construction.

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