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Digital Solution Clients Experiences | January 2024

WPG Advisory

Matthew Ward | Founding Director, WPG Advisory

Warwick and Tony are great to work with, and they continue to be very open about their process. Being based in Sydney provides me with a sense of security, as it assures me that they are a legitimate company and can be held accountable – Matthew Ward, Founding Director.

Digital Maturity Assessment Experience | October 2023

Building Transformation: Concrete + Canvas

John Kaesler | Director of Concrete + Canvas

‘Dovetail’s commitment to understanding our business, industry, and customer base set them apart from the rest. The Digital Maturity Assessment process has provided us with constructive, insightful and importantly actionable feedback that will position us for sustainable growth and greater visibility.  
Their independent perspective has helped us, a boutique residential property developer, focus more intently on our key partners, what they’re thinking and feeling, the problems we are trying to solve for them and how we can better connect with them.  – John Kaesler of Concrete + Canvas’

Digital Maturity Assessment Experience | August 2023

Roadmap to Better Business Outcomes | PHaT Sourcing

Daniel Dickson | CEO, PHaT Sourcing

It was a very interesting process going through the Digital Maturity Assessment with Tony and Warwick as I felt it was a great opportunity for a group to listen to how we operate the business and to constructively feedback aspects of the business that may need improvement enhancement in both the immediate time and in the future. Read More..

Digital Maturity Assessment Experience | August 2023

Igniting Transformation: PTSD Resurrected Inc.| Reboot AU

Andy Cullen | Co-Founder of PTSD Resurrected Inc

‘dovetail digital have presented us with a comprehensive 4-Step Digital Maturity Assessment that has opened our eyes to the growth potential of the charity into NSW and beyond. Through in-depth communication and assessment of who we are and what we aim to achieve into the future Warwick and Tony presented a clear vision and potential pathway for advancing the charity into the future

CRM Implementation Experience

Kallibr Workplace Training

Kallibr Training

Jemma Middleton, Marketing Manager

The guys at Dovetail are always a pleasure to deal with. Pardot is a complex platform and with our customised Salesforce system, utilising the program to its full potential has been tough. Matt Is always willing to help and always gets our requests done quickly.

CRM Implementation Experience

DLP Manager

DLP Manager

Chris Polin, Founder & Director

Working for a leading property development and construction company for 7 years, I had first-hand experience of the importance good business processes. After speaking with Warwick and completing their Digital Maturity Assessment I knew that they were interested in Us and not just implementing another tool for the sake of it.

From start to finish Warwick’s communication and education on the benefits with having a platform like SharpSpring to support our sales efforts was faultless. The implementation and training were straight-forward with his team doing 90% of the work. Thanks Warwick & team, we are very happy with the platform.

CRM Implementation Experience

McDonald Industries

Alex Pope, Managing Partner

The Dovetail team are no fuss, get the job done kind of outfit. Warwick took the time to understand our business and then the broader team made it happen demonstrating the importance of data capture and the flow on effectiveness of automated sales and marketing processes. Warwick’s expertise in coordinating the technology platforms saw the proverbial sales engine get started, prospective property buyers engaged and soon after the project sold out. I now have a better understanding of how it all works and necessity of having a lot of the manual stuff automated.

McDonald Industries - Ocean Park Development

Digital Capability Experience

Leading Mutual Bank

‘Having the ability to identify target opportunities, delivered through automated timely and relevant communications driven by member data will deliver a new level of customer service, improve retention, build a stronger membership base and revenue for the future success for this leading Mutual Bank.’

Outsource Partner Experience

Armada Property Group

Ben Dunnet, Director

Warwick Kells and the Dovetail team helped formulate and exercise a digital marketing strategy for the project. This enabled us to customise our marketing communications to various target markets and build interest and involvement with our project through engaging with prospective buyers on numerous occasions. We are planning future projects on the Lower North Shore and as a result of Dovetail’s leadership on digital marketing we now have a valuable Partner in Dovetail plus a database of qualified prospective buyers that we can utilise as part of the marketing campaign for our next project.

Digital Capability Experience

A Body of Work

A Body of Work Osteopath Clinic Case Study

Judy Powell, Practice Manager

It was really interesting to listen to Warwick and his team about how we need to remediate our business when it’s usually our team telling Warwick how to remediate his body. Like us, his team is thoughtful, caring and professional and, like us, they are problem solvers. The ‘assess’ phase of their program has been extremely beneficial for us in analysing the clinical and administrative sides of our business.

We have begun actioning key components of the extensive report we received and we look forward to the next two phases of the Dovetail Experience.

System Optimisation Experience

Northern Beaches Golf Club

Club General Manager

Thank you Warwick and the Dovetail team, you have helped us realise the true value we hold in our 3 core systems – membership, golf and POS. Transforming the associated data from each system into a single member-centric marketing database allows more effective communication with our members including our ‘at risk’ members, and long before the renewal period. Using MailChimp® combined with the new database, the team can now create and execute targeted campaigns within minutes rather than hours. Additionally, we can now work towards cross-promotion and providing special offers based on the products purchased in line with the times and days members visit the Club. This is an exciting prospect for the golf club and one we look forward to work closely on with Dovetail.

Revenue Growth Experience

Manly Golf Club

Nigel Gibson, General Manager

Our key objectives were to improve our communication style to members, increase yield and external function revenue. Dovetail has helped the Club utilise our BI platform to provide members with information relative to their interests and in turn increase yield. Automated marketing programs have assisted with our member engagement whilst refreshing of our weddings microsite and associated marketing programs has increased the number of leads in that business segment. From a business management standpoint it is also very comforting to be creating easily measured marketing activities.

CRM Implementation Experience

Our model is unique for an SME. The core business and membership are driven entirely within and rely upon member introduction. However, our functions business allows us to market ‘outside the fence’. The platform (SharpSpring) Warwick and the team at Dovetail introduced us to allow the team to provide an improved member experience, using data to create targeted marketing programs based on the member’s interests. The CRM within the platform allows us to track leads, understand the ROI on our marketing activities, forecast with confidence, and provide a first-class experience for our customers. And all of this is being achieved without a designated marketing position within our team.

Manly Golf Club