Growing Your Digital Maturity

with dovetail digital

What Is Digital Maturity?

Digital Maturity is a business’s ability to move away from old ways of thinking and adapt quickly to new technologies and trends. To gain a competitive edge, these new capabilities and consumer interests must quickly create value. Boosting your digital maturity can be as straightforward as adopting e-commerce tools, revitalising your website, automating customer management through responsive systems, enhancing workflows, leveraging data for informed decision-making, or effectively integrating social media to enhance your digital presence. Increasing your digital maturity requires investment in ideas, people, processes, and technology. 

Why Does Digital Maturity Matter?

Simply put, digital maturity is the key to unlocking your businesss full potential. It helps activate and boost innovation, efficiency, customer experience, talent retention, governance, profitability, revenue options, competition, and differentiation. Improving your digital maturity sets you on the course towards real digital transformation, empowering you to thrive in the swiftly evolving and fiercely competitive digital landscape we find ourselves, today. Failing to keep pace with digital trends will only lead you to fall further and further behind. 

Digital maturity and business initiatives such as revenue growth plans, customer engagement, acquisition & retention strategies, and workflow improvement take time, resources and budget. Many of these business initiatives fail because businesses focus on a specific technology before integrating the change into their overall strategy and business. And, digital initiatives shouldn’t be taken in isolation. All the pieces of your digital infrastructure puzzle, such as your digital presence, CRM, data, website development, SEO and social media, must work together. Businesses often experiment with individual digital solutions (whether it be paid ads, socials, or a “bells and whistles” CRM) and end up feeling overwhelmed, disappointed or worse, ripped off! With so many choices available, discovering the right fit for your business can be a daunting task.  

What is clear is businesses attempting to progress without a clear plan or the right resources are frequently disappointed. Planning creates a clear pathway to future success. 

Ask yourself: What are your business goals? How will you gain a competitive edge? How are you advancing your digital, business, and marketing maturity across all your business dimensions – Customers, People, Processes, Technology, and Ideas? 

dovetail digital's Approach

Our approach provides a comprehensive view of all your business’s capabilities, allowing you to prioritise focus areas based on your desired outcomes.

Our focus will always be driven by your business priorities as well as your current digital maturity. Whether it’s website design & development, CRM, process automation, getting more from your data, SEO or perhaps designing and building out your own bespoke cloud-based software, we will help you get there with an uncomplicated and results-driven approach. We start by providing you with a fully actionable roadmap to help you along your digital journey.

dovetail digital helps you to IdentifyActivate, and Execute your plan.

Our Approach Helps You...


  • Identify and prioritise your
    business goals and challenges.
  • Assess your digital maturity.
  • Identify the opportunity and vision.
  • Create your actionable


  • Implement your strategy as your vision develops.
  • Improve capabilities according to
    business priorities.
  • Assess the impact of roadmap initiatives on your digital maturity


  • Benefits and new opportunities arise during implementation.
  • Reassess your digital maturity /strategy
  • Continuous process and business model optimisation

Factors impacting your Digital Maturity…

  • Digital maturity is frequently hampered by internal business structures, capabilities, and a lack of a digital-first mindset.
  • A digital-first mindset entails incorporating the right technology into your core business model and leaning into new ideas. It allows people and businesses to see how data and automation can open new doors and lead to greater success.

Successful Digital Maturity Needs...


  • Businesses must lean into and believe in the change
  • Individuals must own their work. Consensus is essential


  • Management must support this work
  • Execution is encouraged and empowered
  • Ongoing assistance


  • Annual, quarterly and ongoing performance reviews
  • Transparent communication.
  • Celebrate your success!

Reflect On Your Current Digital Maturity - Ask Yourself...

  1. Where are you in your digital journey?
  2. What is the current state of your digital awareness? How do you handle new ideas?
  3. How is your workplace culture?
  4. Do you have the right skills and resources? Are you equipped?
  5. Is your business customer-focused? What’s your customer’s experience like?
  6. Has your business integrated cloud and digital technology into all its processes?

What are your Digital Maturity Challenges?

  • Overwhelmed or not knowing where to start
  • Too many overlapping initiatives
  • Lack of internal resources
  • Lack of digital skills / culture
  • Technology complexity or lack of integration
  • Limited market or customer focused vision

Consider this:

>70% of digital transformation and strategic projects don’t succeed due to a failure to plan and execute! 

Success Depends On...

  • Understanding your market – segment, map the value chains and understand which areas are truly profitable.
  • Being specific – break the strategy into a series of initiatives and be clear on who is responsible for delivery.
  • Expert help – a big shortcut – consider outside help/outsourcing at least initially, as experienced operators will provide better value. It’s not just big business who can achieve digital maturity success.

What Are Your Next Steps?

To undertake a successful digital transformation you should follow our simple 5 step process:

How Can dovetail digital Help?

Curious as to how you can take control of your digital maturity journey? Start with our Digital Maturity Assessment. Our assessment helps you (and us) gain valuable insights into your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential across the core operational aspects of Ideas, People, Processes, and Technology and enables a Pathway to your success.

If you choose dovetail digital to help execute our recommendations, your upfront investment in the DMA will be credited back toward your initial digital projects. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!