Customer Experience

Long Reef Golf Club

No.33 ranked best public golf course in Australia.

Club General Manager

What They Said

Thank you Warwick and the Dovetail team, you have helped us realise the true value we hold in our 3 core systems – membership, golf and POS. Transforming the associated data from each system into a single member-centric marketing database allows more effective communication with our members including our ‘at risk’ members, and long before the renewal period. Using MailChimp® combined with the new database, the team can now create and execute targeted campaigns within minutes rather than hours. Additionally, we can now work towards cross-promotion and providing special offers based on the products purchased in line with the times and days members visit the Club. This is an exciting prospect for the golf club and one we look forward to work closely on with Dovetail.


This leading Northern Beaches Golf Club engaged Dovetail to assist with unlocking how they could utilise the additional information they were uncovering from their Business Intelligent data with the aim of driving improved member engagement and marketing capability.


👉 Unlocking the valuable data the BI system holds for the purpose of club promotion and marketing

👉 Data collection and usage is not optimal in terms of efficiency or the value it provides marketing and revenue opportunities.

👉 Internal resistance to change is evident, preventing progress to develop marketing programs

👉 Aligning marketing operations to cross-pollinate opportunities across golfing membership > House Membership > Weddings and Functions > Food & Beverage.


Using Dovetail’s ‘Assess’ process, which involves gathering information about the Club’s Technology, Processes and its People, Dovetail successfully provided invaluable insight to the Clubs data and how it could be used more effectively to drive member engagement and increase spend.

This included uncovering previously unknown opportunities to integrate existing systems and processes within the Club and utilise the insights provided by data collected throughout the Club to provide intelligent and targeted offers and value to its members, guests and visitors

Furthermore, Dovetail identified tactical internal and external opportunities to improve the impact of current marketing practices and develop membership and engagement.

Key Insights

Dovetail uncovered various areas of improvement in member engagement and business processes:

👉 Introduce new marketing automation engagement programs that focus on current and new members as well as improving member engagement in the Club.

👉 Introduce ‘product bundles’ for social golfing visitors, loyalty schemes and optimising visitors from weddings and corporate events.

👉 Introduce a member marketing focused database with the ability to segment and analyse based on their current data.

👉 Track and measure Return On Investment of marketing activity using their current digital marketing tool, MailChimp.

The Result

What was the Impact of the Digital Maturity Assessment for PHaT Sourcing?

👉 Developed a simplified marketing focussed database allowing clear and concise segmenting capability and improved analysis capability.

👉 Designed and built a ‘data engine’ which allowed for multiple data sets to be ingested and ‘crunched’ into a single marketing data ready file. This reduced existing processes down from 6 hours to a matter of minutes allowing the marketing team to focus on strategy.

👉 Created marketing automated programs in MailChimp®, which were driven by pre-determined triggers and specific business rules.

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