Customer Experience

Manly Golf Club

One of Sydney’s original foundation clubs, boasting a rich golf history, steeped in tradition.

Nigel Gibson, General Manager, Manly Golf Club

What They Said

‘Our model is quite unique for an SME. The core business and membership, is driven entirely within, and relies upon member introduction. However, our functions business allows us to market ‘outside the fence’. 

The platform (SharpSpring) Warwick and the team at Dovetail introduced us to allows the team to provide an improved member experience, using data to create targeted marketing programs based on the members interests. The CRM within the platform allows us to track leads, understand the ROI on our marketing activities, forecast with confidence and provide a first class experience for our customers. And all of this is being achieved without a designated marketing position within our team.’


With a full house in their membership base Manly Golf Club (MGC) was looking to drive additional value from alternative revenue streams, specifically from wedding and corporate events. As part of the investment in their members, MGC were looking to deliver a strong membership experience through the use of relevant and timely communications to maximise the golfing experience at MGC.


👉 Multiple internal systems housing lots of valuable data but making it difficult to effectively access for marketing purposes.

👉 Limited marketing resources plus low skill-set in the specialisation of data-driven marketing automation, the office team provides email, website and promotional support as part of their day to day activity, with an external consultant providing Social content management.

👉 Adopting a modern approach to marketing will require some change management and training.


Using Dovetail’s ‘Assess’ process, which involved gathering information about the Club’s Technology, Processes and its People, Dovetail successfully provided invaluable insight to the Clubs data and how it could be used more effectively to drive better results for the Club’s business priorities.

👉 Implement a series of marketing tactics that aligned with the Club’s business priorities.

👉 Implement modern marketing through the use of a data-driven marketing automation platform that would provide clear and consistent insight to the ROI of the Club’s marketing efforts.

Key Insights

👉 Understanding your members
1. Average spend incl. by gender.
2. Spend type incl. by gender and suburb.
3. Spend type by gender % and suburb.

👉 A world of lost opportunity
1. Existing website doesn’t lend itself well to Event promotions.
2. Large volume of Club information ‘given away’ without any prospective information exchange.

Our Recommendations

Dovetail uncovered various areas of opportunity in each business priority area:

  • Build out a dedicated microsite for Events only, enabling automated functionality through lead capture forms and automated email follow up.
  • Deliver data-driven, personalised and targeted member communications that will drive engagement and revenues – e.g. food and drink offers based on member’s existing behaviour and spending patterns will create instant appeal for further spend.
  • Upskill staff to utilise a marketing automation platform and set up automated marketing programs.

The Result

What was the Impact of the Digital Maturity Assessment for PHaT Sourcing?

👉 Introduced SharpSpring®, an affordable and user-friendly data-driven marketing automation platform.

👉 Built and implemented the Club’s first ever data-driven ‘welcome to the club’ program for ‘Introductory’ golf memberships.

👉 Built and implemented automated lead capture for all event enquiries allowing staff to track and follow any potential opportunities.

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