Chatbots – the simplest customer engagement and revenue generation tool you can have for your business.

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Let’s talk chatbots. Do you like them? Or are they just another gimmick added by the technology companies to give another reason to charge you more?

At Dovetail Group we think chatbots have their place just like any other Martech tool or feature in the marketplace and the statistics seem to confirm our belief.

Our Opinion

  • We think a good performing chatbot is one that is responsive to the answers provided by the enquirer without making the processes seem cumbersome or repetitive. 
  • We think an excellent performing chatbot needs to be next-generation and more akin to a high-performing sales executive, not only behaving like an enquiry engine but interacting and triaging with visitors to showcase what an organisation has to offer, while gently nudging visitors towards getting in touch through an excellent interactive experience.

Our preferred revenue growth automation platform, SharpSpring by Constant Contact developed its own next-generation chatbot after seeing an increase in customers wanting answers to their questions, quickly (Ref: #44). In addition, it lends itself to organisations who want to increase leads and lead quality, whilst simplifying their sales process (57% of businesses report massive ROIRef: #42), and who doesn’t want that, right!?

At its core, SharpSpring’s chatbot is mostly automated through pre-defined business rules (some, may call that AI..). However, you also have the option of connecting live with any prospect if they choose to do so. This can be critical to closing a sale due to the complexity or value of the question

SS Using Chatbot Actions

Personalised Experience

The biggest shift in online sales and marketing over the last 6 to 8 years is that customers and clients are looking for a personalised experience that’s every bit as good as the experience they’ve come to expect offline and chatbots have been the fastest-growing communication channel increasing its market size by 92% (Ref#1). The right chatbot makes it possible to engage web visitors in a way that feels natural, useful to them, and less onerous to those responsible for converting enquiries to sales. 

SS Chatbot in Action

Are Chatbots really being used?

Chatbot adoption statistics confirm its growth in certain markets. For example, according to, 58% of B2B companies but only 42% of B2C companies use chatbots, while 65.1% of businesses are SaaS-based companies (Ref:#26, #28). 

Activate SharpSpring Chatbot

Statistics tell us that only 2% of all website visitors convert to an enquiry. That’s 98% of lost opportunity. That’s simply unacceptable. Because the chatbot is fully automated, it can process enquiries 24/7 without commercial teams having to lift a finger. We’ve uncovered that this is the #1 benefit of having a chatbot on your site (Ref: #46).

In Summary

With more enquiries, more sales and less hassle for everyone involved, chat can be the simplest customer engagement and revenue generation tool you can have for a business (35% of consumers want more companies to have chatbots on their site – Ref: #29). 

SharpSpring’s chatbot is included with all subscriptions and at no additional cost. It’s compatible with any website and fully optimised for mobile browsing. By adding re-direct web links to your meeting calendar, favourite booking system or payment technologies, the chatbot helps facilitate sales and performance, which can be analysed against other sales channels. 

Furthermore, in SharpSpring all the customer interaction data is collected and retained under the individual contact, enabling the additional use of trigger-based actions to interact with prospects and customers automatically.  

At Dovetail Group, we think chatbots are a “no-brainer” addition to your customer engagement and sales growth efforts. If you’d like to experience a demonstration of SharpSpring and its Chatbot feature, please get in touch or 1800 706 109.

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