How To Build a Buyer Persona and Can It Help You Convert More Business?

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There’s little doubt that competition is increasing across most industry sectors. Technology is improving the ability to track and understand your customers online behaviours. To stay ahead of the competition, you must be constantly implementing techniques to enhance your chances of success. Your business success and growth will only be possible when your organisation is aligned with your customers.

Key to being more aligned with your target audience is knowing who they are and whether they are your ideal customer. This brings me to the importance of Buyer Personas; creating personas helps narrow your target audience and better understand if they are good fit for your business.

Learn how to develop a Buyer Persona that will help you improve your Lead Scoring.

What is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a fictitious depiction (or character) of your ideal client based on real data.
Using actual data, market research, and some informed guesses about consumer demographics, behaviour patterns, motives, and aspirations will you develop your idea customer/buyer persona.

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What if we’re a brand-new business with no customers? If you’re a brand-new business, you must have known that there was market demand for what you offer. Start by building your ideal Buyer Persona using that knowledge and adjust your approach as you learn more about your customers.

Know your Target Audience

It’s crucial you know your Target Audience before you build your Buyer Persona. Your target audience are the people who find the most worth in who you are and how you do it, so don’t hesitate to narrow your focus when describing them.

#1 Conduct extensive audience research.
The first step in creating a specific buyer persona is determining who you want to target. An effective way to learn more about your target market is to conduct interviews with current customers or surveys. You can also explore internet materials, such as case studies relevant to your targeted consumers.

#2 Identify customer problems.
Gather as much information as possible about your customers’ problems. This knowledge will assist you in developing a specific marketing approach that will entice your prospects. The more acquainted you are with their problems, the easier it is to provide educational content that assists clients in making informed purchasing decisions and earns their trust to regard you as an experienced professional.

#3 Determine what motivates customers.
People make choices and decisions based on their needs and pain points. To build a successful buyer persona, you must first understand what motivates your target customers’ decisions. By understanding your target audience’s motivations, you may craft appealing marketing messaging.

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#4 Recognise how your organisation can assist.
After you’ve determined your clients’ goals and pain points, the following stage helps to determine how your company will solve their problems. Begin creating content and prospect-focused marketing efforts tailored to the target audience. Find one-of-a-kind answers to each situation you uncover during your research then create content that solves each pain point.

#5 Create buyer personas based on your study.
Once you’ve gathered all the information you need about your ideal customers and come up with answers to their problems, the next step is to create a buyer persona. Include all the information from the previous phases to guarantee that you know who you want to target but that your target also knows who you are.

Why create a Buyer Persona?

More than 60 percent of the world’s internet users conduct research online, and 57% go through the decision-making process before engaging a sales professional. Buyer personas assist you in better understanding your clients. This makes tailoring your messaging, content, products, and solutions to their requirements, behaviours, and concerns easier.

How many buyer personas do you need?
Quick answer is at least one. But, Mark W. Shaefer’s experience suggests having 3 to 4 buyer personas contributes to 90% of an organisation’s sales. Developing at least one buyer persona has several advantages.

Buyers Personas will:

  • Increase the number of consumers who are the appropriate fit for your business.
  • Help engage your customers with more relevance.
  • Make you a better and more efficient marketer.
    Put you at the centre of the customer’s needs.
  • Enable better customer segmenting.
  • Help you visualise your ideal customer

At Dovetail Group we have designed 3 Base Buyer Personas for our business. Each persona is focused on prospects who consider themselves:

  • New to Revenue Growth Automation [Crawl]
  • Having some Experience with Revenue Growth Automation [Walk]
  • Being Familiar with Revenue Growth Automation and the know-how of what can be achieved [Run]

We have built these 3 personas within our revenue growth automation platform, SharpSpring by Constant Contact. A prospect chooses this option when they complete our Digital Maturity Assessment. We use this information to help determine the type of conversation we should be having with each prospect when engaging with them.

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With the support of buyer personas, you can stay focused on the needs and demands of your customers when making decisions.

Buyer personas give your business structure and information. It assists you in determining where to concentrate your time and efforts, provide relevant and timely content, while promoting your product. Having a Buyer Persona in place will help you to be better positioned to entice the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business and leave the tyre kickers to, well…. kick tyres!

At Dovetail Group, we provide simple, yet effective marketing solutions and the skills required to make it all work well. Over the past six-plus months, we have achieved excellent statistics for our clients and saved them thousands of dollars.

Interested in learning more? Contact us. We have a great offer available until 31 May 2022.

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