Still trying to make disjointed MarTech tools work together effectively?


A myriad of tools that kind of talk to each other without a single source of truth is going to be costing you time and missed opportunities.

Often these disparate tools can do their job well, generating leads for you. However, without a single source of truth that can be used in a unified approach to marketing and lead generation, you are going to be missing out on opportunities. That’s where a true Revenue Growth Automation tool comes in.

The benefits of a unified system

Cutting down your MarTech stack and replacing most of your tools with a single, unified system means:

  • Everything works together.
  • Frequent integration breakages or disconnections are gone.
  • Leads can be profiled based on all the data you have about them to generate a complete picture of who the people are that are most likely to convert.
  • Detailed lead profiles mean you can automate highly personalised interactions that are more likely to generate revenue for your business.

Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s working for you

Lots of businesses have a jumble of MarTech tools. Many of these tools are operating independently or have a limited integration that often requires another tool like Zapier to get each system to talk.

This disparate nature can make it difficult to get a complete picture of your customers and who the perfect leads for your business are.

Integrations solve some challenges and often cause others

Most platforms claim to integrate with others in some way. They might provide a direct integration, an API, or can work with integration tools like Zapier. However, many of these tools were never designed to work together. Integrations are often partial or one way and this can create new challenges that simply don’t exist in a complete Revenue Growth Automation platform.

Collecting data isn’t the same as data-driven

When you have more than one tool collecting data, it doesn’t take long before that data becomes disconnected and the data driving your decisions is incomplete or cannot be seen in an easily unified way.

Not only does this impact your data-driven decision-making ability as a marketer or business-owner, but it also restricts your ability to automate revenue growth in your business.

Your ‘qualified’ leads aren’t really qualified

As most salespeople are aware, an enquiry doesn’t mean a closed deal. Marketers like to think that they are providing the most qualified leads to the sales team, but when data is spread across multiple systems, it’s easy to miss something and difficult to properly nurture a lead through to conversion.

An incomplete picture means that leads might be sent to sales too soon, or too late, and the best leads can easily be missed entirely.

A full-stack solution that is built with revenue growth automation in mind can help avoid these common pitfalls.

“76% of marketers are missing revenue growth opportunities as a result of challenges like lead quality and marketing attribution.” Source: The State of MarTech, August 2021.

Disjointed solutions are draining for your team

Systems that don’t work together properly create other problems for your marketing team that can manifest beyond lead management and data quality.

The issues that can arise from integrations include things like:

  • Manual data handling, exporting from multiple systems and combining in Excel
  • Delays in customer communications and lead nurturing
  • A lack of personalisation because it is too hard to get the right data into the right system
  • Inability to identify what efforts are working the most effectively to generate leads and ultimately sales

Disjointed solutions are costly for your business

Obviously, the extra time required for your team has a cost, as does the inability to appropriately target and personalise communications. However, there are other costs as well.

  • Each platform will have its own maintenance schedules that can disrupt your business.
  • You will have ongoing subscription fees for each platform with variable contracts that often build in price increases.
  • Your integration tools, like Zapier, have an ongoing subscription fee too, and your custom API integrations will need to be maintained to ensure they continue to work with API changes between each platform.
  • When you need support, which vendor do you deal with and is support included? Often there is a lot of time lost in back-and-forth relaying of conversations.
  • API’s and integration platforms often have limitations on how frequently they can run, or access data, or how much data they can access at once. These limits can make it difficult to scale marketing automations.
  • When something stops working, it can be a maze of documentation (if the integrations and what they do has been documented at all) to figure out where the problem might be, and usually this falls on your marketing team to troubleshoot and fix.

The solution?

The simplest solution is usually the best, and that means a single platform that has been built from the ground up to bring in all the features that usually require integrations. This is what a true Revenue Growth Automation platform is.

Do you spend a lot of time just making things work?

Then you need to stop what you’re doing. Disjointed systems put a lot of added stress on marketing teams that are already under the pump.

Does this sound like your team:

  • Constantly trying to make things work between multiple systems
  • Frequently trying to fix complex integrations that never worked properly anyway
  • Rarely utilising personalised communications in automated nurture campaigns
  • Seemingly uncoordinated marketing tactics without a clear return

Here’s how to fix your MarTech stack

The answer is easy: Implementing a single, unified platform is essential to your business (and the sanity of your marketing team).

Bringing in your data from across multiple systems into a single platform can begin to reveal immediate opportunities to better engage your leads and generate recurring revenue.

Your data needs to be working for you, but it can only truly do so when it is all in one place.

A full-stack Revenue Growth Automation platform should help your team to:

  • See all of your customer buying behaviours over the entire life of their relationship with your business.
  • Make informed marketing decisions that are a better fit for your business and your customers.
  • Bring sales and marketing into a unified location with shared data and goals.
  • Increase lead generation and sales conversions.

Your Revenue Growth Automation Partner

We use and recommend SharpSpring, the Revenue Growth Automation platform and provide marketing support services to help your team reach your business sales goals and grow your revenue.

Our job is to help your business:

  • Implement the right tool for the job you need done – we won’t recommend it if we don’t think it’s right for you.
  • Connect the dots so the system is working at its best for your business.
  • Get exactly what you need from the platform
  • Execute dynamic, personalised marketing campaigns across multiple channels and verticals with less effort so you can reach buyers where they are in a way that will resonate best with them.
  • Get a competitive advantage.

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