Quick Quiz – Digital Maturity Self-Awareness Test

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Digital is everywhere- but is your business still stuck in the Stone Age? Take our informal quiz below to find out how digitally mature you are! Don’t worry, you won’t need any fancy gadgets or gizmos and you can keep your results secret if you like. Circle the one that best describes you or your business.

Let’s start with your customer experience:

1.     We don’t care about customer experience.
2.     We have a team for customer experience, but they’re like the Invisible Man.
3.     Our customer experience team has a voice, but they’re like the Chihuahua in the room.
4.     Our customer experience team is a superhero with decision-making power.
5.     Our customers are the kings and queens of our business.

Next up, how customer-centric is your business?

1.     We pretend to be customer-focused, but we’re (really) only about the bottom line.
2.     We have some systems in place, but consistency is not our middle name.
3.     We track sales and customer service, but we’re still trying to figure out how to use Excel.
4.     Our customers are the co-pilots of our business.
5.     Our customers are like family – we’ll do anything to make them happy.

How aware is your business of digital technology?

1.     We’re living in the “Stone Age” and we’re ok with that.
2.     Our management knows enough to get by, but they still use the Nokia 8110.
3.     We’ve talked about digital technology, but we’re not sure if it’s a type of bread or not.
4.     We all know what digital technology is, and we’re not afraid to use it.
5.     We eat, sleep, and breathe digital technology – we’re practically cyborgs.

How does your business handle innovation and new ideas?

1.     We have no idea what innovation is, but it sounds scary.
2.     We’re willing to try new things, but only if they don’t require too much effort.
3.     We have a process for innovation, but it’s written on a napkin somewhere.
4.     Innovation is our middle name – we’re always trying new things and making them work.
5.     We’re like the Elon Musk of innovation – we come up with crazy ideas and make them happen.

What’s the working environment like in your business?

1.     We all work in our own caves and only come out for food.
2.     We’re open to communication, but only if it’s through smoke signals.
3.     We’re all about collaboration and adopting new technologies, but we still use fax machines.
4.     Agile is our middle name – we’re always adapting and improving.
5.     Our people are like unicorns, and our culture is like a rainbow – we’re magical and self-sustaining.

Finally, how’s your online presence?

1.     We’re like Bigfoot – you’ve heard of us, but you’ve never seen us.
2.     We have a website and social media, but we only update them once a year.
3.     Our online presence is good, but we could use some help from our grandkids.
4.     Our online presence is great, and we love engaging with our customers.
5.     We’re like the Kardashians of digital – we dominate the online world and break the internet daily.
So, how did you do? 
If you averaged 3 or less, it’s time to dust off your dinosaur bones and join the rest of us in the digital age. But if you averaged over 3, Congratulations – you’re practically a digital wizard!

What is your biggest digital transformation challenge? 
·       Yet to start or don’t know where to start.
·       Many overlapping initiatives. 
·       Limited market-centric vision. 
·       Lack of digital skills or culture 
·       Unknown business impact 
·       Technology complexity/lack of integration. 
·       Limited budget and resources. 
·       Difficulty measuring and tracking progress. 
·       Resistance to change from employees and other stakeholders. 
·       Difficulty in aligning digital initiatives with overall business strategy.
·       Lack the energy to begin
Your next step…
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